zachary leishman


Zachary Leishman is Director and Writer based in the Southwest of England. A BA Film (Hons) graduate of Plymouth College of Art he specialises in short films exploring horror, visual poetry and the surreal, and plans to soon operate as an independent online content creator. Creating films as an artistic therapy, he has used his genre choices to explore a wide variety of personally charged themes, and implemented increasingly intricate techniques across a diverse portfolio of work. Versatile when working both behind and in front of the camera, he is determined to never be boxed into one form of digital media. Whether it is through film production, creative writing or his forthcoming efforts in media analysis Zachary seeks challenges that excite him, all his work being branded with his personal mission statement, that even if just for a second his work can make someone’s day easier, then it was worth every second that went into its production.


Henry is a fledgling but still aspiring writer, set to christen his new writing retreat with a personal and dreaded project. Emotionally damaged, Henry is tasked with writing a eulogy after the unexpected passing of a loved one, Henry bringing his personal baggage to the door of a long abandoned and rotted house. Discovering the house may well be as entrenched in grief as he is, he abandons all responsibilities and obsessively investigates the warnings and pain he uncovers in the walls. Desperate to be consumed by the dark rather than his own feelings of loss, the house lashes out against the endless tirade of human suffering it has been forced to endure. Grief is a part of Henry and the house but only one of them can truly escape it.

Film and Screen Arts

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