yergalem carimini


My name is Yergalem Carimini and I am a dynamic and enthusiastic filmmaker from Italy now based in the UK.  My qualifications range from screenplay writing, directing to set design. I have an understanding of the broad areas of practice in filmmaking and I previously had first hand experience in various types of productions such as documentaries, independent shorts and art installations.

I’m inspired by the many cultural contrasts our world offers and I always seek to find a creative way to turn my ideas into tangible art. When I work on a personal project I don’t shy away from any specific theme because I strongly believe that every story is worth telling.

save the writer

Save the Writer is the story of Xavier, a retired ex sci-fi novelist who now struggles with dementia. He’s taken care of in a facility where he spends the majority of his days by himself with little to none entertainment . His young grandson, Oliver, attempts to bring him back through the interest they shared together when Xavier was healthy: sci-fi books. The same sci-fi books that Xavier wrote and read to Oliver when he was a child. The two are going to have to face a third person who wants to put an end to this escape mission. Xavier will have to face the harsh realities of his illness or choose a world made of laser guns and aliens.

Film and Screen Arts

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