William Kemp

I am a pretty amicable creature, I enjoy the collaborative approaches in filmmaking, working with friends or outside of that circle. I have a very relaxed work ethic, I always aim to have large chunks of work done in advance especially when working on animations.  

I most certainly am a textbook overthinker, it could be a perfectionist complex, in truth I think it is more because the disciplines in film that are appealing to me have a high skill ceiling. Throughout the years I have been improving in the fields of editing, animation and writing, telling me that if I keep throwing myself into the deep end I can do nothing but improve and learn.


Two estranged friends Robert and Charlie reunite after years being apart and they run into a beggar leading to a disagreement but before anything can escalate beyond name calling they are interrupted and kidnapped by a strange collection of people. The two friends are placed in the middle of some kind of ceremony. Followers of the occult bring out the beggar and something unseen kills him in front of the captive friends. fear and panic overcome Robert and Charlie, then something otherworldly can be heard leading to a decrepit hand emerging from the ground and it reaches out for Charlie and its long jagged nail nearly pierces her eyes transporting the two to an unearthly realm.

Film and Screen Arts

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