tudor moldovan


‘(in)Cognito’ is a film portraying the life of a call centre worker who is stuck within his own head on ideas and topics that are irrelevant to “real life”. His boss hates him, picking on him constantly while always threating Bogdan that he will get fired. Marcel, Bogdan’s con-artist alcoholic neighbour, always makes sure to put “stick on fire while” when Bogdan arrives from work. Their schedules (Marcel’s begging schedule with Bogdan’s call-centre schedule) coincide and Bogdan is forced to listen to all the bullshit Marcel has to say. However, Marcel knows Bogan’s weakness and chooses to trigger them by talking about his wife. Bogdan is obsessed with the sexuality of his wife and her appearance with other man. The man’s driving emotion is his Jealousy. His wife, Elena, is shy and scared to tell Bogdan the truth that she got hired by a lawyer to clean his apartment, afraid that he will interpret something so normally in a wrong way. Bogdan is known in the relationship to have jealousy meltdowns by not accepting other man in the presence of his wife. This is one of the reasons she is “stuck” at home. Elena, seeing that Bogdan found out about her meet with the lawyer for a job, is scared so badly that she sets Bogdan an ultimatum. The ultimatum is a psychology treatment where he is forced to control his jealousy by conditioning himself with a “classical method”. It back fires on Elena, as his condition only aggravates itself.

Film and Screen Arts

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