thomas sandell


As a professional, I pride myself on simplicity. I find it important to assess the core ideas, themes and strengths of a project and then be able to convey them simply to another person, regardless of the pre-established depth of the project itself. I find this simplicity allows for others to quickly understand my work and provide helpful feedback, while also providing me with a strong core to branch my ideas from during production and pre-production.

This simplicity allows me to work efficiently and effectively, always getting my projects done before the deadline, and getting the most I can out of them.

Magic menagerie

A stay-at-home sorcerer contends with his worst enemy, himself. Trying to adjust to living with clones of himself, each of them sporting unique identifiable traits, Sam seeks the help of a documentary crew to record the on-goings around the house, so he can show the world what he’s dealing with, going over all the footage, and deciding who he should kick out of the house forever, in an attempt to make the rest of them more manageable. However, Sam may just be overwhelmed before he gets his wish, as the clones can be just as irritable as he is.

Film and Screen Arts

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