sonny layton


My name is Sonny Layton, I am a 21 year old student from Plymouth. I am an experienced Editor and Illustrator with a history of working in the media production industry. I am skilled in Camera Operation  and Cinematography. I am a strong arts and design professional studying a Bachelor of Arts in Film at  

Plymouth College of Art. I am hard working, passionate and have experience working in professional  film crews and at TV production companies. I have worked in all areas of film, but my skills lie in  Editing and Camerawork.

Shower thoughts

This project is a music video for the song Shower Thoughts by Lil Dip AKA Kaya Esmer. In  the video, Kaya is seen in two different, grand locations. One location is a grim, graffiti  covered bunker. It represents his depressed mindset in the present. During the video he  wakes up on a beach where he rips off fabric covering his eyes that has been blinding his to  happiness. The video features cinematic cutaways to a mysterious woman that Kaya is  remembering. The shots of the woman are surreal and capture the uncanny visuals one  might see in a dream.

Film and Screen Arts

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