sarah heittola

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a professional filmmaker who is specialising in producer and first Assistant director roles. I have also done another role just as, MUA, costume and camera operator.  I am a creative, honest, quick thinker, a problem-solving person who always get the job done.  I love helping other and volunteer and charity works are really close to my heart. I am also a strong believer in diversity in the film industry. I am originally from Finland and just like a stereotypical Finnish worker, I am a hardworking and relatively person who loves coffee. I must warn you that my sense of humour is cynical and twisted like my country in the wintertime. 

satu and jarko

In Spring 1968 in Finland, two babies were born. These babies were called Satu and Jarko and they would meet in five years and spend the rest of their lives together. 

We all have heard great love stories of “star crossed lovers”  to “doomed lovers with great tragedy”. But the greatest love story that I have ever heard and saw is my parent’s story.

This is a heartwarming short documentary that is telling the story of how my parents Satu and Jarko first met when they were kids, to their first date, to first break up to married life with kids and cats.

Film and Screen Arts

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