samuel williams

Hi, I’m Sam, a filmmaker and digital designer based in the UK.

The past few years have been amazing, chaotic and challenging. I’ve seen myself grow as a person and as an artist. I’ve worked on projects as director, cinematographer and editor, and in web and brand design. 

My expansive portfolio positions me with confidence in a variety of video production and design roles. I’ve been exploring ways to engage audiences with emotive stories, influence and style. Design is a massive source of inspiration and creativity. I love learning new techniques of designing.


Stuck in the past, Lara is haunted by the memories of her past relationship. She relives only the positive moments to a point where the reality of the present pales in comparison to her memories. She must continue living with the sore reminder of her lover she has lost. With the artefacts of his memory she must overcome this constant reminder and seek to come to terms with something that seems almost impossible. How do you learn to live with the hole they left in you? A music video film that tackles the reality of loss through the eyes of a relationship that we can all relate to, the loss of something that once was held so dear.

Film and Screen Arts

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