matthew falle


I am a Writer, Director and Editor from Jersey, currently based in Plymouth. I’ve just completed my degree in film with ‘Out’ (2021) being my final project from Plymouth College of Art. I’ve worked as a crew member on many projects and have ample experience with sound, camera and lighting equipment, most notably serving as sound recordist on scenes I was not directing due to limited crew on a Covid-19 aware set.


Out is a story centered around 6 individuals navigating a world that’s being rocked by coming out. Oliver, a secondary school student, is getting ready to come out to his parents until his confidence is rocked unintentionally by Charlotte, his best friend. Adam is a worker in the subconscious of a person named Jordan who’s world gets turned upside down when they meet Eve, someone also working in the same subconscious, causing them to try to figure out which one is supposed to be there. Rebecca is an Asexual woman who just completed a daring heist with her friend, David. After the two share a kiss, Rebecca gets flustered and scared over her asexuality this kiss may cause to their relationship.

Film and Screen Arts

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