lydia evans


I consider myself as an artist of 2D traditional and digital art. Although I’ve taken quite the straying path through painting, drawing, photography and film, I realise that I am most content creating concepts, characters and props for video games. I have more or less lost the love for filmmaking over time but I still enjoy using a camera for the purpose of photography and reference videos. I hope to see myself grow as an artist both professionally and personally, so for that I’d like to plant myself within the freelance and commissions community of artists. Though I do strive to one day become part of a team of concept artists and character designers for larger projects beyond my imagination.

to the divide

This story takes place within a future world, after humanity has long since disappeared due to a great

mass of water flooding all landforms and swallowing any structures that had remained above sea

level. In this never-ending globe of water, a single, enormous tree spans high and wide above the sea

level. It harbours a sizable colony of animals named ‘Nestrel’ that managed to survive on this singular

tree. Within the roots of this unyielding tree keeps another community, these however are sea animals

named the ‘Sailas’. These two colonies do not approach or converse with one another, for they share

differing cultures and beliefs.

Film and Screen Arts

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