james reader


I am a freelance videographer who specialises in covering events and making promotional videos for companies and products. I have been working freelance professionally since 2019 and have been passionate about filmmaking since the age of 8. I film and edit using all my own equipment and also drive. I work mostly on the cinematography of films and am just about to graduate with a degree in Digital Media Production from Plymouth College of Art. I love to create cinematic short edits of my trips abroad and I aim to continue to travel while producing video content for clients around the world.

Plymouth Gin | Cocktail

This is a short, 46 second video commercial for Plymouth Gin set in a modern and lively bar area with a smartly-dressed barman mixing the drinks. This is filmed and edited in a cinematic, fast-paced glamorous way. Labelling the products and encouraging the viewers to learn the art of cocktail making themselves at home. Colourful, entertaining and packed full of interesting ingredients this style of videography is known as ‘B-Roll’. The camera tracks and accompanies the movements of the barman as limes are cut, music is heard, and all is shaken, but not stirred. Short and enjoyable to leave you wanting more.

Film and Screen Arts

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