James mcbride


James McBride is a 20 year old filmmaker studying at Plymouth College of Art, specialising in documentary and experimental film as well as client based work; for example making a promotional video for a crypto currency company, interview work for Plymouth Raiders Basketball team and Skateboard filming work for Pasty Skateboards. The skills that I can offer to clients include full proficiency in premiere pro and after effects, I can bring my ideas to life in a unique and creative way often using a blend of modern and classic techniques and visual effects and with an eye for cinematic videography.


Rats is a creative and innovative look at skateboarding life and culture in Plymouth, England. Using a wide array of colours, dynamic editing and diverse shot styles, this high tempo film showcases talented young skaters in an urban and stunning location and environment. Giving us a view as to how these people skate, look and live RATS is a brief look into the often untapped skate scene here in Plymouth. The film is a part of and close working partner of RATS Magazine, a short skateboarding and lifestyle magazine created throughout the duration of the time of this film being shot.

Film and Screen Arts

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