hazel horspool


My work is where the narrative and visual mediums meet, in art direction and production design. I’ve always loved expressing myself creatively, communicating thoughts and ideas visually through my work where words I often find hard to articulate in the way I want. I am continuously interested in storytelling as an art form, and taking creative approaches to translating concepts, stories and moods in a visual and tangible way through my art. Having a keen eye for detail and the ability to visualise the bigger picture of the overall work I want to create, art department roles are the perfect fit.


Reverie is an experimental fashion editorial in short film format; the film follows an unnamed young woman, possibly reacting to an unseen event, at what appears to be the precipice of a mental health crisis. She finds herself beginning to detach from her reality, shifting between materiality and facing embodiments of her inner emotions envisioned through experimental and abstract visuals with a focus on tactile materials and textures. Reverie explores through the lens of dissociation and its accompanying uncomfortable emotions; expressed through kaleidoscopic visuals and imagery revealed through the use of practical lens objects and mediums.

Film and Screen Arts

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