Harry Bird

Hello, I’m Harry Bird, aspiring wildlife filmmaker and cinematographer. I specialise in filming wildlife and nature and across the years I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to travel across the globe exploring what the world has to offer while documenting my journey along the way. I work a lot with drones and my next goal is to work on combining my love for wildlife and nature along with my passion for drone work. By working on the side with my own company I’m hoping to bring together all my skills in order to produce beautiful and visually stunning work for years to come.

Bird's eye view

Join the exciting and unknown journey of aspiring wildlife filmmaker and cinematographer Harry Bird as he takes on the adventures of exploring the globe with world known wildlife tour guide and specialist Steve Bird. From breathtaking scenes from the savannah of South Africa and endangered wildlife to the ranging shots of nature throughout the dense and unknown jungles of Brazil, Harry takes you on a journey of a lifetime only very few can say they’ve experienced. Enjoy stunning visuals throughout while listening to Steve Bird as he talks about his life growing up alongside his son Harry.

Film and Screen Arts

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