Harry andrews


I see myself as someone at the start of their journey to become a baker. I am very much an ametuer with a lot to learn when it comes to professional baking, however I have never had much of an interest in fine patisserie and the kind of baked goods you get in a fancy hotel. I am much more interested in the rustic artisan baking and having the creative freedom to make all kinds of different breads and pastries aside from all the traditional staples. I want to work in all kinds of bakeries across the world that all source high quality local ingredients for their food.

Happy place

Erik Fletcher is stuck in life and can not get out after having to pay off bills for a special procedure to save his mothers life. He is trapped by a soul crushing job for a corporation that cares nothing for their employees, to them the workers are just vessels for profit. The only joy Erik gets from life is cooking so he spends his days at work reading recipes and watching cooking videos day-dreaming of what he will cook once he gets home. only then when he is home in his kitchen is he in his happy place.

Film and Screen Arts

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