Connor carter


As a professional filmmaker I consider myself primarily a 3D graphics artist, with a proficiency of sound recording. I prefer the mainly digital orientation of 3D compared to recording actual footage, especially because of how much easier it makes troubleshooting. I wish to focus my professional development on honing my digital art skills and working as a freelancer, taking commissions for advertisements, 3D prints or anything else that’s applicable. Having both of the aforementioned skills at my disposal, means I’m well equipped to produce my own content and short films, while still having notable skills to work in commercial film as part of a team.

To the divide

This story takes place within a future world, after humanity has long since disappeared due to a great mass of water flooding all landforms and swallowing any structures that had remained above sea level. In this never-ending globe of water, a single, enormous tree spans high and wide above the sea level. It harbours a sizable colony of animals named ‘Nestrel’ that managed to survive on this singular tree. Within the roots of this unyielding tree keeps another community, these however are sea animals named the ‘Sailas’. These two colonies do not approach or converse with one another, for they share differing cultures and beliefs.

Film and Screen Arts

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