chloe stannard


Creative and collaborative mix media animator with 3+ years of experience based in Plymouth, Devon working with a vast range of  different methods including; stop motion, traditional animation, cut out, 2D and rotoscoping. Focusing on 3D stop motion animation I was the only one in my year in college to produce an animation short film by myself and with that discovering my passion I decided to further my skills at Plymouth College of Art. Being open to different techniques has allowed me to have a broad perspective on the arts allowing a mix of different mediums and bringing them together to create more of a personal and unique work of art.

Cartoon boy

A lonely boy facing everyday mental health issues shown through the use of animation elements and live footage. The music video starts by him waking up then zooming into the ywarn. Lonely ugly cartoon boy ( L.U.C.B.) looking back at his reflection in the mirror, sees what he hates about himself, the imperfection grows bigger. Then cuts to enjoying time with his friends and then all of a sudden he’s over thinking feeling completely alone within himself, wakes up and back to reality. Trying to get to the top L.U.C.B.) can’t seem to ever get there no matter how fast he goes can’t seem to escape himself. Anxiety take over struggling mentally. Kept silent by words that have been said to him glitching and struggling to keep control. It’s too late hes falling into depression ( its drowning him ). He stands up ( meaning speak up) realises some days can be better.

Film and Screen Arts

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