ceri louise-prowse

I am a motivated filmmaker who takes pleasure and specialism in the art of video editing and animation. I have solid experience in managing a range of projects and believe I carry an amount of professional integrity which allows me to continually progress and develop my skills. I have undertaken 2 years of practical filmmaking and editing as well as a 3 year BA (Hons) Degree in Digital Media Production which has enhanced and broadened my industry knowledge of film and promotional material as a whole. I am a dedicated individual with an endless enthusiasm to explore and develop new concepts bringing innovative ideas to successful completion, adding my own personality and originality.


A wooden crate comes to rest on the shore of a large deserted island with a spray painted logo on the side saying “Joseph”. Moments after we are able to fully acknowledge the crate’s position, it bursts open and we are presented with a small round robot who we assume is called Joseph, with a glowing triangle eye. Joseph careers along the beach, ricocheting off a concealed rock into the nearby bushes, out of the camera’s view. The story of Joseph unfolds as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Joseph is able to uncover his origins and purpose, while capturing the unpleasant truth about why it exists. Towards the end of the film, Joseph finds himself in the factory in which he was first created. Clues to its origins are in the many posters plastered over the walls declaring the absolute crucial necessity of humans purchasing a robot in order for the personal survival of the owner.  After an emotional discovery, Joseph is able to find a new reason to exist.

Film and Screen Arts

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