Caitlin henderson


I’m a filmmaker based in Plymouth, Devon that is open to different working areas but specialises in editing. I enjoy doing experimental work pieces and like to go against the “traditional” editing style. With my work, from one end I get inspired by the colours and images from animation and on the other side, I like to talk about important topics with my work from politics, to LGBTQ+ rights to equality for women and people of colour. Even though I’m a laid back person, I work hard for what I want to achieve with all my work and hope it helps or even inspires other people.

A video call away

After visiting her parents back at home, filmmaker Caitlin Henderson, comes out to her parents. After this moment, she still feels nervous about the next chapter in her life so she video calls her friends, Ames and Lyds, to talk about LGBTQ+ topics to let her know everything will be fine. They discuss topics such as coming out as a joke on April Fools, still struggling with your sexual identity, the hardness with coming out to your family and the stereotypes with certain types of clothing with gender. Even with these topics being discussed, the group of friends still make the video more lighthearted with making some jokes and additionally, the editing plays on the jokes to help with making things lighthearted.

Film and Screen Arts

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