Angus Stuart-smith


I’m Angus, an aspiring creator originating from Jersey in the Channel Islands. As a recent graduate from Plymouth College of Art, I plan to use my degree in Digital Media Production to share my creative, yet somewhat absurd, ideas for others to enjoy. Over the years I have progressed my skills in video editing and cinematography, and have demonstrated my ability to work independently or with a team. My interests lie in all things film, whether it be photography or Super 8, increasing my knowledge in the art of composition and light, which I utilise in my own work.


A cinematography showcase displaying the work of Angus Stuart-Smith in two short films. 1) ‘Untitled Musical Duet’ by Zoe Jones a film showcasing the struggle of a young girl ‘Erin’ as she comes into contact with her older more successful self and is told to not follow her dream of becoming a world famous tap dancer. 2) ‘Out’ by Matthew Falle is a thought provoking piece displaying three storylines, showing many different individuals, who are part of the LGTBQ+ community and their struggles with coming out. We discover the ways in which Angus prepared and achieved some of his most beautiful shots.

Film and Screen Arts

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